Time and time again i hear the rally call of the right, denouncing the potential court appointee Sotomayor. I have yet to hear much debate about her qualifications, or her past rulings.

It is the same drone about her being hispanic. YES, she is hispanic. but in reality she is just a judge who happens to be hispanic. I understand it is a little wordy, but she pulled herself up by her own bootstraps. She got to where she is by shear determination and focus. We should admire her accomplishments, and the way she got there should simply be the cherry on top. I am very proud of the US for even considering her. If it turns our she is not the very best pick possible, than fine. but until then stick to the relevant issue at hand.

The Obama administration is really into doing a bunch of firsts. but for now Sotomayor’s ethnicity is a non-issue. The fact that this is the main focus shows how shallow and disunited the right has become.

also, i picked up on the comment about her being a racist. It is infuriating to see such stupidity, the allegations are unfounded and show how the right has lost touch with reality. To say La Raza means solely the race shows that there was no real research done. Things do not always translate well. in this instance the La raza is just an identifier for peoples of a common background to rally together and have one another’s backs. For gods sake there is even a radio station by that name. It is a common term, that does not carry connotations of racial supremacy. Get your facts straight, than come and make wild and damaging accusations.


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